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Find a Good Home Cleaning Service in Alberta in 5 Easy Steps


Are you trying to find a good home cleaning service in Alberta? Well, there are lots of choices and making the right choice for you can be tough. Furthermore, if you’re letting someone that you don’t know into your home, you’ll want to be confident that they can be trusted around your home and family.


In this blog post, we’ll help you find the best home cleaning company for you. We’ll show you what most people will care about in choosing a good home cleaning company.  Also, we’ll give you a short list of questions that you can ask companies you’re considering. This will help you better understand if they’re the right home cleaning company for you.


Why It’s Important to Find a Good Home Cleaning Service

There are many companies to choose from when it comes to home cleaning services. This creates the misconception that all home cleaning companies are the same. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Cleaning companies may clean items in your home similarly, but there are many other aspects of service that can differ wildly from company to company.


The scenarios below illustrate why choosing a good home cleaning company, and more importantly, the right home cleaning company for you, is important:


  • You hire a company to clean your home and something goes missing. 
  • A cleaner you hired broke something in your home while cleaning.
  • You hired a company to clean your home after your move, but the cleaning wasn’t done well.
  • A maid cleans your home on a regular basis. She cleans well but she has some personality quirks that just don’t sit right with you.
  • It’s 30 minutes past the time of your scheduled clean but no cleaner has arrived yet.


The home cleaning company you choose will be the number one factor in how satisfactorily these issues are solved for you.


Fortunately, in the next sections, we’ll introduce you to the 5 steps you need to find a good home cleaning company.


Step 1: Prepare Yourself

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The first step to finding a good home cleaning company in Alberta is to prepare yourself. Preparing yourself comes down to two things: 1) knowing your requirements; and 2) knowing your home.


If you know these two things, a home cleaning service is more likely to get you an accurate estimate.


Know Your Requirements

Knowing your requirements means knowing what you want to be cleaned in your home. You may have a very detailed idea of what you want to be cleaned or you may have just a vague sense. It’s completely alright either way. However, at a minimum, you should have at least an idea of the areas that you want to be cleaned (i.e. bedrooms, living room, bathrooms, kitchen, etc.).


With even a general idea, a cleaning company will have a list of items that they would clean in those areas.


You should know which areas in your home bother you the most when they’re not clean or give you the hardest time to clean. If a cleaning company knows this, they will most likely spend a bit more time on those areas for you. On top of that, if you need things like windows or blinds cleaned, you should know exactly how many there are that you need to be cleaned.


Know Your Home

Knowing your home means knowing the physical characteristics that make up your home, as well as some of the circumstances surrounding the day-to-day situation in your home.


In terms of physical characteristics, here are a few of the things that would be good to know:

  • How many bedrooms, bathrooms, and common areas are in your home?
  • Do you have stairwells in your home? If so, how many?
  • How many levels are in your home?
  • Do you have a basement in your home? If so, is it finished or unfinished?
  • What type of flooring is in your home (i.e. carpet, hardwood, tile)?
  • Do you have stainless steel appliances?
  • What kind of countertops do you have (granite, marble, etc.)?


Also, answers to questions about the day-to-day circumstances of your home will help too:

  • Why are you getting your home cleaned (i.e. guests are coming over, too busy to clean on a regular basis, preparing the house to be sold, etc.)?
  • How many people live in your home?
  • Do you have pets in your home? If so, how many and what type?
  • How often is your home cleaned (i.e. once per week, twice per week, etc.)?
  • When was the last big clean you had on your home?


Knowing your home will help the cleaning companies you speak with better understand how long your house cleaning should take, beyond the basics of what you want to be done. Here’s the bottom line: the more the home cleaning company knows about your home, the more accurate your home cleaning estimate will be.


Step 2: Decide What a Good Home Cleaning Company Is

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You’ve taken the time to understand your needs and your household circumstances. Now, begin to develop a filter for how you will choose the right home cleaning company for you. This comes down to developing the right points of focus and crafting a list of questions you’ll ask the home cleaning companies you decide to contact.

We’ve done some of the work for you below by providing points of focus and a list of questions that are important to think about to find a good house cleaning service.


Set Your Minimum Standards

Setting your minimum standards will make it far less likely that you’ll hire a home cleaning service that you’re really unhappy with. Your minimum standards are going to serve as your filter for the home cleaning companies you talk to. These are the minimum qualifications needed for you to give any consideration to a house cleaning company.

You can eliminate home cleaning companies that don’t measure up to your standards knowing that they weren’t the right fit for you!

You could get as specific as you like with the minimum standards that you set and set as many of them that you like. However, a good method is to set a few broad and widely applicable standards so that you will have the opportunity to communicate with several home cleaning companies and get a feel for what you like. This is especially true if you have never used a house cleaning service before.

We’ve given you three examples of minimum standards that we think would serve most homeowners well in looking for a good home cleaning service.



Does the home cleaning service seem like a legitimate business? One way to tell is if they have some sort of web presence outside of any advertisements they post. For example, do they have a website and/or social media profiles? If so, you can take a look at their website or social media profiles to look for past work, customer testimonials, and staff members, as well as more detailed information about the home cleaning services they provide.

Although this isn’t a fool-proof method of weeding out illegitimate businesses, it will make it far less likely that you get tricked by an unscrupulous scammer.


Track Record/Reputation

If you think the home cleaning company is a legitimate business, look into their work track record. To check this out, find their online reviews, customer testimonials, case studies, as well as previous examples of their work. This can give you an indication of the company’s potential to help you. If you notice negative reviews, see what the reviews are saying about the company. A handful of negative reviews are normal, especially for a company that has been in business for a long time.

If there are a lot of negative reviews or the negative reviews echo the same complaints over and over again, it’s likely that if something goes wrong with the service then it will be similar to what others have complained about.



Last but not least is professionalism. A professional home cleaning service will be easy to reach, responsive to your questions, and will always treat you with respect. If a home cleaning company is not professional in dealing with you before they receive your business, you’re likely to be extremely disappointed with their response to you if you’re unhappy with the cleaning.


Questions to Ask to Find a Good Home Cleaning Service

With the minimum standards you’ve set above, you can now start to develop a list of questions that you want to ask the home cleaning companies you contact. We put together a list of questions below to help you find the right home cleaning company.


You don’t have to use all of the questions below. They are just here to give you a starting point. If some of the questions don’t seem as relevant to you, you can ignore them. Likewise, if there are questions that are important to you but are not on the list below, include them in your list.


Business Legitimacy

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Is the cleaning company a legitimate licensed business in your municipality?


Pricing & Payment

  • What would they charge to clean your home?
  • How do you determine pricing for their services (i.e. hourly, square footage, flat, etc.)?
  • Does the company require a deposit for the service, payment up front, or are there some other payment terms?
  • How do they accept payment (i.e. cash, debit/credit, cheque, etc.)?
  • What happens if the cleaning takes longer than the company expects?


Home Cleaning Service Offerings

  • Does the company have a cleaning checklist you and their cleaners can follow?
  • What types of cleaning services do they offer and do they offer a type of service that will work for you?
  • Does the company offer anything outside of what’s listed on its cleaning checklist?
  • What types of cleaning products does the company use?
  • Do they offer green cleaning or eco-friendly cleaning services?


Service Details

  • How long will the service take?
  • How many cleaners will be sent?
  • What’s the best way to let the cleaner(s) into my home?
  • Will you have to be in the home during the cleaning or not?
  • Will you need to provide your own cleaning supplies or will the company provide everything that’s needed?
  • What is the company’s cancellation policy?


Ease of Use & Support

  • What dates and times is the company available for service?
  • Does the company offer weekend cleanings?
  • How can you book service (i.e. phone, email, online, etc.)?
  • Can you make changes to a scheduled booking?
  • How do you get support if you need help with your cleaning for some reason?
  • What happens if you’re unhappy with your cleaning? Is there any service guarantee?


Customer Security, Protection, and Privacy

  • Does the company carry liability insurance?
  • Does the company conduct background checks on its cleaners?
  • How does the company vet its cleaners to ensure it can provide high-quality cleaners?
  • How does the company deal with damage claims?


Step 3: Search for Alberta Home Cleaning Services

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Awesome! You’ve finished all of your prep work. Now it’s time to contact home cleaning services.


People in Alberta typically use a few methods to find a good home cleaning companies. You can use any or all of the methods below to help find the right home cleaning company for you.


Use Referrals to Find a Good Home Cleaning Company


  • Ask friends, family, and/or neighbours – your friends, family, and/or neighbours may have already found a good home cleaning company that they’d happily recommend to you.


  • Ask in some community Facebook GroupsFacebook has groups on its platform that are organized around shared interests. Facebook generally has a dedicated group for most of Calgary’s neighbourhoods. If you find and join your neighbourhood group, you can ask if anyone from your community has any recommendations on a cleaning company.


  • Ask on is a website and social networking site that brings together residents in your local community. Your news feed in the Nextdoor interface is populated with queries and announcements from people in the same vicinity as your area code. So they are literally your neighbours (or close to it)! Many people use Nextdoor to find businesses and to ask neighbours about businesses they recommend.


Find a Good Home Cleaning Service with a Search Engine

A search engine is a software system designed to carry out web searches. Here are some of the most popular search engines used by Albertans to find good home cleaning services:


  • Search Engines – You can use any one of the search engines, whether it be Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine that you prefer. If you use search terms like ‘house cleaning services Calgary’ or ‘home cleaning companies near me’ you’ll find several pages of house cleaning services that serve your location.


Use a Buy & Sell Platform to Find Good Home Cleaning Companies

A buy-and-sell platform is a website that facilitates commerce by connecting buyers of goods and services with sellers of goods and services. Here are some of the best buy-and-sell platforms used in Alberta to find good home cleaning services:


  • KijijiKijiji is a buy-and-sell platform that connects buyers and sellers of new and used goods and services in different cities across Canada. On Kijiji, you will find several home cleaning service companies and independent home cleaners adverting their services.


  • Facebook MarketplaceFacebook Marketplace is the same concept as Kijiji but is owned by Facebook.


Find a Good Home Cleaning Service with a Business Aggregation Site

A business aggregation website is a company whose business it is to keep a list of businesses that operate locally in each industry. These business aggregation services make it easier for consumers looking for services to find what they need. Here are a few of the most well-known business aggregation services that Alberta residents use to find good home cleaning companies:


  • YelpYelp is the most well-known business aggregation platform in Alberta. Although Yelp is best known for helping restaurants get found, you can find good home cleaning services on Yelp, as well.


  • BarkBark is similar to Yelp. However, the big difference is that Bark is focused on aggregating local service businesses rather than all local businesses. For example, you wouldn’t find restaurants on Bark but you could find home cleaning companies, marketing companies, and more.


  • HomeStarsHomeStars is similar to Bark but HomeStars is focused more on home service companies.


Step 4: Make a List and Reach Out

A woman with an open notebook makes a list of items.

Now that you’ve come up with the companies you’re interested in, you can contact each one and ask them your questions from step 3.


If you’re looking for a good home cleaning company in Alberta, Mission Maids offers a premium home cleaning service in Calgary that makes it quick and easy to book a trusted cleaner online. We’d love to hear from you if you’re looking for an easier way to clean!


Regardless, to make things easier to compare, enter the companies’ answers in a spreadsheet. And, if you want to get really geeky, put on your favourite suspenders with some thick-framed glasses and add a weighted score to each answer to complete your decision matrix. This will help you to judge your overall interest in each company with an objective number.


Step 5: Choose Your Fav

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Ok, last step! It’s time to choose your favourite of the bunch. And, don’t ignore your gut here. Chances are, you’re pretty wise. 🙂



Congrats, we made it! Now give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve just learned how to find a good home cleaning service in Alberta. How does it feel? I bet it feels great. It will feel even better once you’re relaxing in a beautifully clean home that you didn’t have to clean yourself.


Use this process anytime you want to find a good home cleaning company – or any other home service, for that matter! It won’t guarantee you’ll find a good one on the first try, but it will make it far more likely!


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