Cleaning Services in Calgary

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About Our Calgary Cleaning Services

Mission Maids is a cleaning service in Calgary, Alberta that provides house cleaning and commercial cleaning services. We pride ourselves on giving you an easy-to-use cleaning service that gets your cleaning done right. We’ve served more than 1,000 customers and completed well over 5,000 total cleaning services in Calgary. Providing you excellent service before, during, and after every single clean is at the core of what we do. It’s is why we’ve built a solid reputation as a cleaning service provider in Calgary.

See our cleaning services below. Find the right cleaning service for you. And then contact us today to make your life – in your business or in your home – a little bit easier.

Domestic & Residential Cleaning Services

A tight over-the-shoulder shot of a professional house cleaner cleaning the exterior of a stainless steel fridge with a bright green microfibre cloth.

Regular Cleaning

Want to clean less? Enjoy a clean home more often with Weekly, Biweekly & Monthly cleaning. Enquire today, satisfaction guaranteed!

A young female professional house cleaner wearing a yellow shirt and a pink apron uses a swifer sweeper to clean a tile floor in an eclectic-style kitchen.

Deep Cleaning

Is it time for that big clean? Get a deep, thorough clean for your home to make it feel as clean as when you first moved in!

A professional house cleaner mops a hardwood floor for a move while boxes sit in the background.

Moving Cleaning

Whether you're moving in or moving out, we'll completely restore the cleanliness of your home so it's ready for you or another family to move-in.

One-Time Cleaning

No time to clean? No problem! Easily book a one-time clean in seconds to get your home as beautifully clean as you love!

A young cleaning lady holds a vacuum while smiling into the camera.

Condo Cleaning

We have several cleaning services for your Calgary apartment or condo so you can make your little space feel like a lovely space!

A professional house cleaner cleans the kitchen countertop of an upscale home while her cleaning partner dusts a window frame in the background.

Maid Services

If you want a standard one-time cleaning or regular cleaning services, our maid services are the right option for you.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Our commercial cleaning services pages are under construction. We provide:

  • office cleaning services in Calgary
  • turnover cleaning for property managers and property owners
  • and building cleaning and condo high rise cleaning in Calgary.

Please call us at (587) 609-8200 or email us at

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