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How to Clean Your Dyson Stick Vacuum Filter in 5 Easy Steps

Have you been using your Dyson stick vacuum for a while without ever cleaning the filter? While it might seem difficult, cleaning a Dyson stick vacuum filter is a simple task that anyone can do.


In this article, we will walk you through how to easily clean your Dyson filter in five simple steps.


Reasons to Clean Your Dyson Stick Vacuum Filter

Cleaning your Dyson vacuum filter is good for both your vacuum and home. If you notice your vacuum’s suction lagging, cleaning the filter will help increase your vacuum’s performance.


Cleaning the filter will also improve your home’s air quality. When your vacuum filter gets dirty and clogged, it will spew dirt and dust particles into your home – significantly reducing your home’s air quality


How Often You Should Be Cleaning Your Dyson Filter

The frequency that you should clean your Dyson stick vacuum filter will depend on your household and lifestyle. The more you use your home (cooking, relaxing, etc.), the more people and pets that live in your home, and the more often you use your vacuum cleaner, the more you will need to clean your vacuum filter.


That said, Dyson recommends that you clean your vacuum filter once per month. This is their recommendation for the best performance of your Dyson vacuum.


For most people, it’s probably not necessary to clean your vacuum filter that often. However, if you have a very busy household and you use your Dyson vacuum a lot, then once a month may be a very good guideline. Otherwise, you can probably get away with cleaning your Dyson vacuum filter anywhere between two and four times per year.


Signs You Need to Clean Your Dyson Vacuum Filter

There are usually a few ways to tell if your Dyson stick vacuum filter needs to be cleaned.


The first sign is that your vacuum has lost suction. If your vacuum has lost suction, it’s because the dirt has partially or mostly blocked the air from passing through.


The second sign is a foul odor when you turn your vacuum on. When the filter becomes clogged the excess dirt is pushed into the air where you smell it as you breathe.


And finally, for some Dyson vacuum owners, there will be an LCD display which will automatically indicate that your vacuum’s filter needs to be cleaned.


What You Need to Clean Your Dyson Filter

To get started cleaning your Dyson vacuum’s filter, you will only need a few simple things that practically every home should have:


  • Cold running water
  • Garbage can
  • Bowl of water


How to Clean Your Dyson Stick Vacuum Filter 

Now that you have everything you need to clean your Dyson vacuum filter, let’s get to the specific steps to get it clean.


Step 1: Remove Your Dyson Stick Vacuum Filter

Someone loosening a Dyson vacuum filterSomeone holding a removed Dyson vacuum filter.

For most Dyson stick vacuums, the filter is attached to the back side of the canister. To remove the filter, gently turn it counterclockwise and carefully pull it away from the canister.


Step 2: Shake/Tap Off Any Excess Dirt

Someone shaking off excess dirt from a Dyson vacuum filter into a garbage can.

After your Dyson filter is removed, shake off any excess dust and dirt that has built up on it. This will help make the cleaning in the next step easier.


Step 3: Wash Filter in Cold Water

Someone is rinsing a Dyson vacuum filter under tap water.

Rinse your Dyson filter under cold streaming water. Depending on how dirty your filter is, the water running through it may start off brown or cloudy. To help clean the filter, gently squeeze it as the water runs over it. Rinse your filter until the water begins to run clear.


*Note: Do not ever use detergent to clean your filter.


Step 4: Shake Out Excess Water from Dyson Stick Vacuum Filter

After you’ve thoroughly rinsed your filter of all dirt, shake out any excess water left in the filter from the previous step.


Step 5: Let Dry

A purple Dyson vacuum filter laying on a towel to dry after being cleaned.

Let your filter air dry in a cool dry place for at least 24 hours.


*Note: do not ever tumble dry your filter or leave it to dry near a heat source or open flame.


If you’re unsure about what type of Dyson vacuum you have but and you still want to clean its filter, you can find specific instructions for your vacuum using its serial number. For most Dyson vacuums, the serial number is located either behind the canister or underneath the battery pack. You can find instructions for finding your Dyson’s serial number here.


You can use this serial number to check any specific cleaning instructions for your particular Dyson vacuum filter.



As you can see, cleaning your Dyson stick vacuum filter is quick and easy. Now go forth and vacuum fearlessly and heroically!

If you’d like more tips and tricks on how to clean, check out the Mission Maids cleaning tips blog page.


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